Patient Educational Material

Office Handouts, Instructions & Brochures

Administering Medication to your Sinuses
Antibiotic Use Precautions
Baha®User Manuel
Baha® Single Sided Deafness Brochure
Baha®Pediatric Brochure
Dry Mouth Care
Ear Candles
Electronystagmography ENG
Enchinacea and Goldenseal
Eustachian Tube Dysfunction
Food Allergy Elimination Challenge Test
Head & Neck Wound Care
Hearing & Balance Questionnaire Adult
Hearing & Speech Questionnaire in Children
Immunotherapy Comparison Chart
Labyrinthine Exercises - Ear Viral Infections
Laryngectomy Home Care
Middle Ear Surgery After Care Instructions
Meniere's Disease
Nasal Dilators
Nasal Fact Sheet
Nasal and Sinus Surgery After Care Instructions
Nasal & Sinus Hygiene Complete Package
Nasal Saline Irrigation
Nasal Steroid Sprays
Non-Steroidal Nasal Sprays
NonSyndromic Deafness

Obstructive Sleep Apnea OSA
Omni-Guide CO2 Laser
Oral Antihistamines
Oral Cavity Wound Care
Otitis Media in Children
Otosclerosis Informed Consent
Pediatric Sleep Airway Assessment
Reflux in Infants & Children
Salivary Gland Infections
Services for Hearing Impaired Adults
Services for Hearing Impaired Children
Services for Speech Delayed Children
Sleep Questionnaire for Adults
Smell & Taste Questionnaire
Steroid Use Precautions
Supplements, Herbs and Surgery
Tests Ordered Labs & X-Ray
TonsilIectomy and or Adenoidectomy Instructions
Adult Tonsillectomy and or Sleep Apnea Surgery
Thyroid Questionnaire
Trachesostomy Home Care
Tympanostomy (English) Ear Tubes Pre-op
Tympanostomy (Spanish) Ear Tubes Pre-op
Vocal Hygiene
Winter Wellness

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